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When Trees Eat Temples!

Training your brain to think of humbling experiences is a great exercise for the ego. One for me is Ta Prohm in Angkor, Cambodia, made famous in Lara Croft; Tomb Raiders with Angelina Jolie. This amazing temple which dates back to the 12th century was made to withstand the test of time yet again, nature outsmarts. The trees, some, 400 years old, send their roots down from a seed caught in the roof and grow for hundreds of years using the temple as support so when the trees die, the temple crumbles. Then one day the only record of this amazing structure will be what we capture on camera and …

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Good Day? Bad Day? You Choose!

Witnessing kangaroos hopping through rows of grape vines in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia, made me feel that something magical was happening here. Apparently, there are vines in the Hunter that no longer exist in their place of origin, France. The morning we lifted off in a hot air balloon was a gift with still winds and a brilliant sunrise. The only thing that separated my feet from a thousand feet of air was the woven basket I stood in; fragile but strong enough for the task of lift off and an exciting landing which you will see in this story. As a wine lover, it is …

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How Do You C.H.O.O.S.E. Happiness

Dr. Happy’s CHOOSE Happiness Acronym C.H.O.O.S.E. is an acronym that stands for 6 key principles which Dr. Happy uses to sum up all the positive psychology research: C- Clarity: help people clarify their purpose, their meaning in life; their values and what’s really important for them. H- Healthy Living: It’s really important to look after your body, your diet, and nutrition. It’s hard to be happy if you’re sick and tired all the time, so we need to get good sleep and good rest. O- Optimism: There’s no doubt that happy people think about the world in a fundamentally different way. They look for the positives but they also face …

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Soul Of Art, Article By Steve Tobin

“The tension between opposites is a challenge to resolve, but when this tension is successfully balanced, electricity is generated in the hand and in the heart — it is an expression of the soul. When a maker knows who he is in relationship to his world, the object made with this existential awareness will carry this knowledge into the hand and heart of the user; with eyes closed essence is still apparent.    Working mostly with porcelain , bronze glass and steel, I am carrying a tradition forward that traces back many thousands of years. I want the user to feel the wisdom of the past and promises from a future yet to unfold… with past and …

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The Eby’s On Happiness After Tragic Loss

“Our family consists of: Two typical sons, Mike and Matt and two special needs, Jerry and Melody Joy. Each time I expressed my concern about the slow development of our first child, Jerry to our rural, family doctor,  he’d lean back in his chair, his only comment would be “OH well,  he’ll probably be short for his age,” or “he’ll never be the President.”  Coming  home from the doctor I remember hearing myself  mumble, “I can live with that.”  I settled with this for three years then reluctantly we made an appointment and found ourselves  making many trips to Hershey Medical Center and spending many long hours with neurologists and geneticists.  …

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Get Excited! By Dr Helena Popovic

“Get enthusiastic.  Do things you love.  Do things you’re passionate about. Being excited and enthusiastic enhances our mental capacity enormously.  Excitement is synonymous with motivation.  When we’re excited about something, we’re naturally switched on and energised.  We’re focused and firing on all cylinders.  We don’t need to think of ways to motivate ourselves because we’re naturally motivated. Studies have demonstrated that aspirations actually turn on our brain cells much more powerfully than needs. When people are attached to a brain scanner and then asked to think of things they aspire to do, more of their brain cells start firing than when they think of things they need to do. Excitement …

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Petrea King, Doctors Gave Her Two Weeks To Live, Her Advice Thirty Years Later…

When asked for tips on achieving happiness, Petrea King gave us two very profound quotes to remember in any situation: “Happiness is an inside job” and “You don’t arrive at a place called ‘Peace’- and unpack. Peace and happiness come from a moment by moment choice.” On Quest For Life’s homepage, Petrea addresses what her company does, helping anyone overcome the insurmountable: “We call them life’s Ds, whether it’s a diagnosis, divorce, death, depression or disaster everyone faces a significant challenge at some point.If you can no longer cope, are feeling depressed, stressed, anxious or facing a major health challenge then Quest for Life can help. We provide practical strategies …

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Dr Tim Sharp “Dr Happy” Shares His Answers To Happiness

Dr Timothy Sharp, lovingly called “Dr Happy”, Cheif Happiness Officer at The Happiness Institute shares with us his answers to the most frequently asked questions he gets about happiness: “Q: What do people think will make them happy, as compared to what actually  makes them happy? A: One of the biggest mistakes many people make is to think they’ll find happiness in “external” things such as money and/or material possessions. Although these things aren’t “bad” we know from the research, and from our considerable experience in this area, that the positive feelings we get from “stuff” is only short lived, it’s only temporary and relatively superficial. In contrast, what really …

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Joost Heymeijer Speaks On Putting Happiness Into “The Stay”

As General Manager of Wolgan, I see myself as an Innkeeper, rather than a manager- which means I take full ownership of my guests. What we do at Wolgan is simple, we make people happy! And what a great job that it- that is all I tell my staff, be yourself and make people happy. So much better than working for a bank, or being a parking inspector! What makes me happy is when my guests are seeing the various levels of ‘detail’ that we have applies- details people discover the longer they stay at Wolgan- details that put a smile on people’s faces. What makes guests happy is that …

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