We are in the midst of the Age of Aquarius; the baby of the Constellations and babies tend to act out when they don’t get their way. The parent is confused to understand the baby’s needs and a certain amount of chaos ensues until they find a way to calm the baby. Hurting the baby does not make the baby stop crying.

I too watched the debate and wow! So disturbing!

The world is seeing America kicking and screaming in their own playpen while it is getting into all sorts of trouble in those of others overseas.

If the statistic is true that the poorest Americans are richer than 80% of the world’s population, than what are we doing?

It begins with our own behavior before we forward our own missions which we absolutely all have here.

First we address our own lives to change things. Are my actions causing anhone chaos? Who am I bad-mouthing at my workplace, among my friends and family? What wars can I put out in my own life if I chose to be the peace-maker. How am I treating the women that I know and how am I lifting them up? And, why do I expect other people to do the heavy lifting in helping others because I pay so much in tax dollars?

Last week I approached a homeless young man on the street who was begging. He made a bad decision, caught stealing, landed in jail for 3 years and is taking meds to help himself get off heroine. He was so well spoken, had skills in technology and he has been pounding the pavement trying to get any work. But, because of his record no one will employ him. He paid his debt now forever judged? Discarded?
It turns out that he is from the hometown of my relatives in the Poconos. I will do my best to help him. Calling his mom today but this is where we are as a society.

Let’s try to trust each other, help each other, say nice things about each other and forgive each other as best we can. This is who we are.This is why we are alive today. I am 100% certain of that. Let’s change this chaotic experience together starting with #1.