Happy Thanksgivers!

I woke up this morning and thought, “Woah! “Why am I ok about being a consumer?” I am Pac- Man gobbling up the things I want and want never goes away so I will destroy my world.” I see it as I travel where the sky isn’t even blue anymore and wildlife is disappearing as people around the world do just what I do, comsume.

RESET the game, please!” Let’s be “Thanksgivers.” A Thanksgiver lives by the principles of gratitude and giving. A Thanksgiver only consumes what they need and what they want in moderation. My Dad always said, “consume in moderation” and he lived a very happy life.
So this Thanksgiving, my prayer is that I become a true Thanksgiver and we become of world of Thanksgivers and experience the joy, love and healing that comes with it. 

Happy Thanksgiving!